When something goes wrong

Behind the scenes, we use xelatex, biber, and other complicated software to turn your data into what we hope will be a beautiful résumé. However, sometimes something goes wrong. Although we’ve tested each CV template with a variety of input data, we can’t anticipate everything that might happen when your input interacts with the complex software on the back end. So if something goes wrong — if you get no output, or a CV that doesn’t look like what you expected, you might have to experiment a little.

Problems can be caused by lines that are too long, missing data, or data that is formatted in a way that the typesetting programs don’t know how to deal with correctly. If the CV generation used to work but has begun to fail, you can try to remove the most recently added data, including publication data.

If you are having no luck, or think you have found a bug, you can get in touch at help@cvservant.com. But please understand that, although we can try to help with basic operation of the site, we don’t have the resources to provide extensive consulting about CV formatting. However, we’ll do what we can.