How to show, hide, and share your CVs

When you typeset a CV by clicking the “Generate” button, we create a unique, secure, unguessable URL for the PDF that is created. You can see your CV by clicking the “View” button. You will be taken to this secure URL, which you can give to anyone whom you would like to see your CV online. Depending on your browser, you can get the URL by copying it from the address bar, using the page’s contextual menu to copy its address, or by other means. No one else can see your CV, and we don’t link to it, so it is invisible to search engines. You are in total control.

The advantage of sharing the electronic version of your CV is that URLs in your publication list are clickable, so people can see your papers conveniently. Also, you can update the information as often as you want, and, unless you change the nickname of your CV, its URL will not change. But you can also download and email the PDF, print it, or distribute it any other way. These are standard PDFs that anyone can read in any modern browser or PDF reader.

You can “revoke access” to any of your CVs by simply changing its nickname. When you do that, we will delete the existing CV, and when you regenerate your CV under its new name, it will have a new secure URL. And, of course, you can make as many CVs as you want, and each will have a unique, secure URL.

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