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How are we different?

We are academic types. We needed something like this, so we made it for ourselves, because there’s nothing else like it. There is no software or service that does what CVservant does.

We need to generate CVs for tenure, grant proposals, job applications, promotions, and just to keep our colleagues informed about us. CVs for different purposes have to contain different information. CVservant keeps it all organized for us, and we can make a new CV in a choice of styles any time, with the click of a button.


We need one place to keep our complete list of publications. We need to add papers, or edit information, without having to remember the details of BibTeX each time. We need some CVs to have all our publications, some to have a selected list, and some not to have any. CVservant lets us do all this just by clicking a few buttons. It can import our BibTeX files. We can even use it to create BibTeX files for download. And our publication lists are beautifully formatted on our CVs.


A CV is not of much good unless you can show it to people. Learn how this works.


It costs money to run this service, but we’re charging as little as we can: just 10¢ per day, or less for longer terms. Cheaper than Spotify, and much cheaper than Starbucks. A bargain, considering all the time it saves and headaches that you can avoid. When you sign up we’ll give you a couple of free days to try us out—with no limitations, watermarks on your output, or other nonsense. Because we feel that you should have a chance to see if this will work for you before spending any money.

Getting help

The service should be pretty self-explanatory. For some explanation, look for the little question marks here and there. If something goes wrong, email us at If you don't hear back soon, then you are not getting our mail; in that case, DM us at on Twitter.

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